Show Some Love

To let them know
how much you care for them!

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Time is Precious

Don’t waste time
on not-so-serious people.

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Know Your Worth

Connect with people
worthy of your time.

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More Than Just
a Social Media App

Reach beyond the screen
and send non-virtual gifts!

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Minimalism is In

No more unwanted random texts
from random people.

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This is how the app works!


  • Sign up to create an account
  • and get your own, exclusive
  • link.
  • It is completely free!
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  • Post it across all your
  • social media’s website sections
  • and attract attention and
  • admirers from all over the internet
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  • Your friends and fans can
  • show you some love by sending
  • real, physical gifts without
  • us revealing your address.
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